Top 5 Furniture stores Bali

This week we speaking all things furniture. Bali is known for the creative beaty of the local artisans, and exports that has been a big business on the island for many years. Exporting locally made handcrafted furniture to big brands world-wide.

There are many great furniture stores in Bali. If you want to decorate your Bali home / villa with nice furniture, then this article is perfect for you. We have gathered a list of the best furniture stores in Bali that showcase an exclusive collection of housewares, each of them carries its own style, so you can easily find anything you want to match your needs. Either a piece of colorful furniture, a chic, a modern, or even natural and tropical furniture, those stores will provide it for you.

This list is limited to what is available in Bali. Kerobokan is known for all the furniture warehouses where you can get something designed or purchase already made furniture.

Here are our favourites

  1. Kim Soo Home – Seminyak

Furniture shopping in Bali should always start and end at Kim Soo. This furniture and homewares trailblazer are a design store mecca, with an attached showroom-style destination called “The Space” to help you imagine your own Kim Soo abode. It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit contemporary, a little bit vintage and a whole lot of loveliness. They source products from across the Indonesian archipelago to manufacture and design their own unique styles that feature wood, metal, textiles, stone, grass and paper, producing a lovely long list of fabulous furniture pieces that goes on and on, and (trust us) so will your purchases.


  1. Lio Collection Kerobokan

Featuring unique and beautiful furniture and interior products, Lio Collection specializes in exporting its products to restaurants, hotels, retailers, and wholesale customers in more than 40 countries! Sounds amazing and definitely should not miss during your furniture hunts.

Here, you can find their numerous collections of furniture while their most popular products are rattan and bamboo collections. But other than that, you can also rely on their high-quality products made of leather, woods, and even handcrafted paintings.

  1. Bungalow Living – Canggu

Bungalow Living is actually a café in Canggu, but they also offer colorful and inspiring designs for furniture lovers, just like you! Here, you can enjoy their great coffee while browsing through their extensive range of home décor items, such as cushion covers, pillows, leather clutches, crochets, and more. Another good thing about furniture available in Bungalow Living is their products are showing love for your pet just as much as you do! So you can also buy furniture that can bring a new touch to your pet’s house, such as toys and bed base cushions.

  1. Warisan Living – Kerobokan

Warisan Furniture is an international brand with showrooms all over the world – but Bali is their home base. They produce a diverse mix of quality rustic and contemporary furniture (including beautiful four-poster beds that we’ve had our eyes on!). Creating both indoor and outdoor goods, they use Indonesian resources for materials, including wood, rattan, stone, and shells. The result is simply divine!

  1. Ikat gallery

Renowned as Bali’s go-to for museum-quality Indonesian art and furniture, a visit to Ikat Gallery is a treat in itself – and that’s before you take home their luxurious home furnishings. Specialising in Indonesian antique furniture, home decor, jewellery, and textiles, the fine art and exclusive pieces at Ikat Gallery have been hand-selected from different islands in Indonesia, transformed into luxury home decor that you’ll find nowhere else other than at Ikat Gallery (and later within your own home!).