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The Most Effective and Original Ways to Advertise in Bali

Communication contains a multitude of techniques and tools that a company can use depending on its budget. Among the great classics, outdoor advertising is one of the timeless ones. Regardless of your sector of activity or the size of your structure, this method knows how to catch the eye of prospects.

Its primary goal is to disseminate information, particularly an advertising message. The challenge is to capture the attention of your target audience. As a true advertising media, outdoor advertising allows for high visibility with a low rate of selectivity. It is ideal when launching a consumer product or service, or a campaign aimed at the general public.

Nowadays, these advertisements are an integral part of our urban areas. It is true that since our birth, we have all seen hundreds of thousands of advertising displays.

As far as Indonesia is concerned, the country attracted 15.8 million foreign visitors in 2018, a figure up 12.5% according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The massive influx of tourists, especially in Bali, is a blessing for businesses that want to make themselves known or sell more.

A bright future therefore in perspective that will undoubtedly reimpose outdoor advertising as an ultra-attractive lever for brands.

So, what are the reasons that still drive companies to invest in outdoor advertising?

1 – Outdoor advertising is visual and “surprising” by nature: it makes your communication more effective.

Have you ever seen a 4×3 billboard or a poster in a store with 1000 words on it? No, it’s pretty rare… It’s a fact that outdoor advertising is visual. And be convinced, images are good for the impact of your communication! In fact, our brains can assimilate photos 60,000 times quicker when compared to text. Therefore, visual communication is adapted to the consumer’s attention, which is increasingly limited.

Thus, communicating with outdoor advertising, and therefore through images, will certainly have a positive impact on your brand metrics (awareness & memorization mainly), and therefore indirectly on your sales.

2 – Outdoor advertising remains the ideal medium when you have “local” communication

Among the major media, only the Internet and outdoor advertising offer the possibility to communicate on a specific geographical area – a postcode, a street, 100 m around a shop…

Few mass media can claim such geographical flexibility. For all companies with a physical point of sale and a local clientele, outdoor advertising remains a “must-have” to make themselves known in their catchment area.

3 – Advertising posters make it possible to launch tactical marketing operations at a lower cost.

When we think of advertising displays, we obviously think of the famous billboards which are in most cases much too expensive depending on the location chosen. But in reality, there are a multitude of formats: street furniture, posters on public transport (bus, metro, train), posters in car parks or supermarkets, stickers and stickers stuck “wildly” in the city…

Advertising in Bali

The alternative for the billboards, which is much cheaper, is advertising on walls, Ads Wall as its name suggests is large posters stuck to walls, in locations where there is a lot of traffic. These posters are just as effective as billboards but much cheaper.

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4 – Outdoor advertising: a good complement in the media mix

Out of home advertising remains a mass media par excellence, offered to all passers-by, free of charge: no need to buy a TV or radio set, or a computer… It is also a medium that allows for fast communication: within a few days, the vast majority of the inhabitants of an area covered by a poster plan are exposed several times.

That’s why marketing professionals know that outdoor advertising is a medium that quickly delivers a large number of contacts and allows for a strong repetition of messages, allowing you to remain “Top of Mind” in the minds of your potential customers.

That’s why outdoor advertising is often used to quickly build awareness in a given catchment area, thus indirectly improving your company’s sales.

 Why we believe that Taxi Ads is the best way to improve your company’s results?

Taxis circle the cities on average 19 hours a day, and travel on average more than 300 km, making them an excellent support to ensure maximum visibility and strong visual positioning.

Taxis can be seen everywhere, anywhere, both in large squares and in small alleys that have never been advertised.

The advantage of using markings on taxis is the ease of creation, but above all the ease of application compared to other outdoor advertising media.

It offers:

– An important visual impact during all journeys. The image and the message will not be fixed in a billboard but will be as mobile as the car carrying them.

– An aesthetic and original visual that will have the merit of attracting attention.

– A low cost compared to the cost of renting “classic” advertising space.

– The power to differentiate yourself from your competitors by innovating over a short period of time.

To sum up, the taxi becomes a real support for an advertising campaign reaching out to the consumer in public spaces and also on the road and in small remote places.

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