Taxiads is a Smart for Advertisment

Why TaxiAds is a Smart for Advertisment

Advertising media in taxis is a new medium that has gained strength in the marketing field. Nowadays, companies are faced with various obstacles in conducting promotions. The out-of-home advertising industry has been growing strongly in Indonesia. Traditional outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, wallscapes, digital bulletins all have benefits but none of them can match the impact and universal coverage of Taxi Advertising. High profile taxis spend their working time in the busiest parts of the city reaching a targeted and varied audience.

Taxiads is a Smart for Advertisment

Taxi advertising is very attractive and cost-effective outdoor marketing solution for any type of businesses. Having the exclusive taxi advertising in Bali, BVR Group is committed in providing many options tailored to your business needs in attracting clients to increase your revenue and build your corporate branding. For this reason, BVR TAXIADS provides promotional media to help your business.

Taxiads is a Smart for Advertisment

Why you should choose taxiads for advertise your brand?

200 – 300 km travel distance Travel by a taxi everyday

18 – 20 hours/unit Average operational hours per day

12– 15 km/hours Average speed

1500 customers/unit Approximately reach per month

Taxiads is a Smart for Advertisment

Installed on full length and both side of the taxi or Installed on the back of the rear window. Using full-color one way vision high quality sticker.


Taxi Advertising is the perfect media to go to your customers, don’t wait for them to come to you.



Taxis are driving in crowded area, as high street presence, a non stop advertising with a direct response

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