Excellent Land Nearby the Diving Paradise in Bunaken Island.

Excellent Land Nearby the Diving Paradise in Bunaken Island.



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The location of this land is really excellent, it’s nearby the diving paradise, Bunaken Island. Diving lovers will only take about 30 minutes boat rides to this diving paradise. Two of the ferry harbours that travel to Bunaken are really close by this lands, the closest one is The Public Boat Pasar Jengki, which is only 4.63 km between them. The airport, too, is really close by our lands, it is only 6.53 km.

Living in our lands is really enjoyable. Since it is nearby the residential area, it is convenient for daily living, we can buy foods and daily commodities in the supermarkets nearby. We live our healthy life in this natural environment, and enjoy the fresh air and forest view. The second ferry harbour that travel between Manado and Bunakenis also a shopping mall, The megamall, it is only 6.24 km.

The outstanding location, natural environment and wonderful forest view have made a great place to live in. People who love wildlife and diving will not need to sacrifice the convenience of daily life, because the
various shops and supermarkets are nearby the place, on the other hand, people who love urban life can also enjoy the fresh air and forest view. It is also great for the tourists who like to dive since the location is really close to the airport and Bunaken Island. Moreover, this tropical paradise has also been promoted as the “new Bali” by the government. Since the Indonesia president Joko Widodo has announced the renovating project of the airport and public facilities in 2020, this location has huge potential in tourism business in the future.


Code : UNFLAUN979

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