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Traditional Herbal

Traditional Balinese Herbal Medicine: Jamu

Bali is famous for its long history of traditional treatments, known as Bali Usada. Balinese healing therapies uses herbs and spices, specialized medicines and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illnesses. Natural remedies are common in Balinese culture today, which include herbal, curative and functional remedies. This ancient tradition continues in this small Indonesian…

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The Best 10 Sunset Locations in Bali

Bali is very popular in the world of tourism, many foreign guests come to Bali to enjoy the beauty of nature here. Tourist attraction are the biggest source of income in Bali. Besides being famous for its natural beauty, famous beaches, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting art and culture. The main…

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Taxiads is a Smart for Advertisment

Why TaxiAds is a Smart for Advertisment

Advertising media in taxis is a new medium that has gained strength in the marketing field. Nowadays, companies are faced with various obstacles in conducting promotions. The out-of-home advertising industry has been growing strongly in Indonesia. Traditional outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, wallscapes, digital bulletins all have benefits but none of them can match the…

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