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Balinese Traditions

8 Balinese Traditions That Will Surprise You

Globalization has profoundly changed Bali in recent decades. Balinese women have covered themselves while some lived topless until the 1980s. A law regulates cockfighting, which is now prohibited except on rare occasions. Cities have developed on the seaside, close to the demons that they were once far from… These are, however, only slight adjustments, if…

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Traditional Herbal

Traditional Balinese Herbal Medicine: Jamu

Bali is famous for its long history of traditional treatments, known as Bali Usada. Balinese healing therapies uses herbs and spices, specialized medicines and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illnesses. Natural remedies are common in Balinese culture today, which include herbal, curative and functional remedies. This ancient tradition continues in this small Indonesian…

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