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Ownership titles in Bali Indonesia – All you need to know

HOW TO BECOME A PROPERTY OWNER IN BALI – The titles and understanding what they mean BVR Group Asia has a diverse legal team of expert staff member to assist in better understanding the different title ownerships in Bali, as well as assisting clients from all over the world in setting up companies i.e.: PT/PMA…

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Digital marketing advantages over property management

Digital marketing basically just a common marketing strategy, but in different platform. digital marketing giving us a big impact to new era of marketing sector, especially on real estate. property market listed on digital market with thousand amount of them. digital platform always giving us a lot of benefit such as short or long video…

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Why Canggu is one of Bali’s hottest Investment areas?.

Canggu is a village located in the tourist area of ​​​​Southern Bali, famous for its beach attractions, surfing communities and home to some of Bali’s newest and hottest beach clubs, Bars, Cafes and much more. The coastline in this village stretches for 10 kilometres and the beaches around the Canggu region has many names. The location…

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