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Bali Coffee Club

Start your day right with Bali Coffee Club
World class coffee, grown and roasted in Indonesia is the perfect way to start any day. Bring the energy of Bali into your morning with every cup of Bali Coffee.
Dedicated to Quality
We prize quality above all else. The coffee plant is an incredible asset to our world, and the conditions for growing coffee are unique and special. We are dedicated to being good stewards of these gifts by seeing to it that quality is delivered in every cup of BCC coffee.

We source coffee only from Bali, from farmers we know and trust
The global coffee industry has grown to a level that depreciates the farmer and in turn the coffee experience. That is why we are committed to working with farmers whom we know and trust, to ensure that our quality standard starts with the soil, continues through the harvest, and ends with a great cup of coffee.

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul
At BCC, we love coffee. We see it as a part of our daily lives, a way to start our days, a constant in a world of change. Coffee is a comfort that humanity shares around the world; it is at the heart of our business to support this global connection.

Socially Responsible

Our Local People

At BCC our commitment to equal opportunity means cultivating an environment where differences in various attributes experienced both within Indonesia and globally, are embraced which will build a culture that fosters a sense of responsibility to each other and the resources that are all needed to produce our products.
We put our local farmers or employees and team members first, empowering them by providing meaningful opportunities to not only pursue their aspirations but to educate them in the responsibilities we have in looking after what God and Earth have supplied to us. .
As we expand across the globe, we will serve to strengthen each community we are part of by being the neighbour every neighbourhood wants and by introducing the Bali Culture that has and is so respected globally.


Our mandate is to shift away from single-use packaging products to reusable packaging products.
We will always continue to work on better ways to manage our waste by
Investing in regenerative agriculture, reforestation, forest conservation, river restoration and water replenishment in our supply chain

Environmental and Social Impact Structure

As our brand continues to grow our mandate is to take the respect we have learned and developed in Bali and introduce this culture globally. This will allow us to have a greater impact into various establishments and developments that are unaware of the Cultural and environmental respect the Balinese have protected for centuries in their simple but environmental way of preserving their farming, culture, people and beliefs.

We would love to Welcome you to one of our two locations
Bali Coffee Club Sunset Road, Seminyak  - Jl. Sunset Road, GG Meduri No5, Seminyak 
Bali Coffee Club the Chillhouse, Canggu – Jl. Kubu Manyar No.22, Canggu 
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