Best Places to Invest in Bali

Best Places to Invest in Bali

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Beautiful beaches, rice fields, mountains, cultural temples, restaurants and pubs, Bali has many attractive places to be visited. Thus, it seems uneasy to simply choose which location to go unless you have certain planned things to do. But when it comes to investing Bali property, there are best places to invest in this Island of Gods for you to consider about:


Best Places to Invest in Bali Kuta

This area, which includes Seminyak, Legian and Jimbaran as its most popular places, is the central of tourism in Bali. Kuta offers beaches for surfing and watching sunset, alluring cafés and bistros, shopping centers, bars, Bali villas and resorts, it provides all tourists’ needs. Thus, the crowds lead to busy road and traffic jams. The bars and clubs also bring noises, making central Kuta (Legian and Seminyak) as 24/7 town as its nightlife. However, South Kuta area (Jimbaran and Tuban) is more crowdless. This region offers a likeable village vibe, with fishing boats on the sand and many shops and cafés catering to locals.


Best Places to Invest in Bali Sanur

Beside calm beach and sand, Sanur offers a relaxed vibe and a slightly older crowd. Even though the area is quieter, there are still some restaurants, bars, and cafes to visit. Therefore, it has less crowds, traffic and noise. The neighborhood is so tourist-friendly. The Bali Property, including Bali villas and hotels, are located within 5 – 10 minutes by walking to the beach. Investing in Balinese style is a good choice here because modern buildings are mixed in seamlessly with the older, making Sanur more like traditional town.

Canggu and Kerobokan

Best Places to Invest in Bali Canggu

Further north from Kuta, there are Kerobokan and Canggu. For shopping boutiques, Kerobokan has more than Canggu. They have jewelry and handmade clothing, Indonesian antiques, contemporary art and plenty of fresh market goodies. As developing area, Canggu offers semi-rural village life. You will see ricefields along plenty way of Kerobokan and will meet much more in Canggu. Canggu offers great beaches for surfing as well. However, there is no nightclubs in these areas. This will be the good quiet time to enjoy the beach at evening when you want to do investing in Bali Canggu and Kerobokan.


Best Places to Invest in Bali Ubud

Investing in Bali within Balinese culture? Ubud is the perfect place. It has green hills and luscious forests surrounding the valley, beautiful temples and art museums. Locating in the center of Bali, Ubud is far away from crowds and noises. Although it doesn’t have beaches, it can offer you exciting activities like rafting, mountain-hiking and cycling. Ubud is also famous as the place for meditation, yoga, spiritual healing and traditional medical therapies.


Best Places to Invest in Bali Lovina

Singaraja region is famous for its beach area, Lovina. It provides black sand with dolphin tour and hot springs. This region still offer a decent range of hotels and restaurants. However, there is negligible nightlife and minimal shopping, which perfectly suits many visitors. Lovina is ideal for you who want to do investing in Bali in a perfect beachside holiday, with glorious sunsets, sea-breezes and sea-views.

When it comes to investing in Bali, there may some things you should consider about. To pick a location where to invest, you should think about the views, access, neighborhood, and depending on your taste. Worry no more, BVR Property offer you various listings of Bali property that surely meet your taste. Our listings cover a wide range in and outside Bali. From busy location like Kuta to cultural region like Ubud, we also provide you in the surrounding Bali areas such as Gili, Lombok, and Sumbawa.