10 Best states in the USA

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Explore the 10 Best States

America’s best states – coming from all over the country – include the first repeat No. 1 in the history of U.S. News & World Report’s Best States rankings.

U.S. News ranked all 50 states based on data within 71 metrics across eight categories, such as economy, health care and education. The project seeks to inform citizens, business leaders and policymakers about what’s working and what isn’t in each state.

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These 10 states came out on top, according to our analysis:

  1. Washington
  2. Minnesota
  3. Utah
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Idaho
  6. Nebraska
  7. Virginia
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Florida


  1. Florida

Capital: Tallahassee

Population: 21,477,737

Median household income: $59,227

GDP: $1.11 trillion


  1. Massachusetts

Capital: Boston

Population: 6,892,503

Median household income: $85,843

GDP: $596.59 billion



  1. Wisconsin

Capital: Madison

Population: 5,822,434

Median household income: $64,168

GDP: $349.42 billion


  1. Virginia

Capital: Richmond

Population: 8,535,519

Median household income: $76,456

GDP: $556.91 billion


  1. Nebraska

Capital: Lincoln

Population: 1,934,408

Median household income: $63,229

GDP: $130.01 billion


  1. Idaho

Capital: Boise

Population: 1,787,065

Median household income: $60,999

GDP: $83.67 billion


  1. New Hampshire

Capital: Concord

Population: 1,359,711

Median household income: $77,933

GDP: $87.63 billion


  1. Utah

Capital: Salt Lake City

Population: 3,205,958

Median household income: $75,780

GDP: $192.52 billion


  1. Minnesota

Capital: St. Paul

Population: 5,639,632

Median household income: $74,593

GDP: $383.78 billion


  1. Washington

Capital: Olympia

Population: 7,614,893

Median household income: $78,687

GDP: $613.00 billion